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Celebrating 10 Years of Collaboration: CUPL Delegation Visits the Confucius Institute at the University of Bucharest

Published:2023-10-30 | Views:

On October 27, local time (GMT+02), CUPL’s Vice President, Shi JianZhong, Vice President of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), led a delegation to visit the Confucius Institute within the University of Bucharest (CI at UB). During the visit, the delegation toured the CI’s classrooms and engaged in discussions with key figures, including Luminiţa Bălan, the Romanian Co-Director of the CI, Li Li, the former Chinese Co-Director, and Zhou Jialei, the current Chinese Co-Director, along with other faculty members and volunteers.

During the discussion, Prof. Luminiţa Bălan shared stories of several generations of Romanian sinologists, highlighting the cultural inheritance. She also provided insights into the CI's achievements over the past ten years, covering cultural activities, lecture series, and the development of teaching materials.

(CUPL delegation talking with Faculty of the CI at UB)

The delegation browsed through the 10th-Anniversary Commemorative Booklet of the CI at UB and the recently published Stories of Chinese Education in Romania", acknowledging the remarkable contribution made by the CI in promoting the Chinese language. Meanwhile, the delegation appreciated the diverse array of vibrant and impactful events. In conclusion, the delegation commended Prof. Luminiţa Bălan’s contribution to Chinese literary works translation and offered suggestions for the CI's development.

(A Group Photo of the CUPL delegation and faculty of the CI at UB)