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Together Appreciate Traditional Chinese Opera to Celebrate CUPL’s 71st Birthday The 2023 Traditional Chinese Opera Gala of CUPL Held Successfully

Published:2023-05-22 | Views:

In the evening of May 16, China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) held its 2023 Traditional Chinese Opera Gala in the auditorium at the Changping campus of CUPL, celebrating its anniversary. The theme of the gala was “Traditional Opera Brings Spring to CUPL.”

(2023 Traditional Chinese Opera Gala of CUPL, photo credit: Zhang Xuanqi)

Grass and trees flourish underneath the Jundu Mountain, while the summer breeze blows along the Xiaoyue River. In this early summer, CUPL celebrates its 71st birthday. On this occasion, CUPL invited guests from different fields, faculty, students and alumni to appreciate a wonderful traditional Chinese opera show. The goal was to infuse the campus with traditional culture, inviting everyone to join in and spreading the importance of aesthetic education. Traditional Chinese opera, as a cultural treasure, encompasses various art forms, and every movement and melody embodies the essence of Eastern charm.

At 7 p.m. sharp, the gala commenced. Various regional genres were presented this evening. The Peking Opera rendition of “I am Chinese” integrated traditional singing styles with modern tunes, expressing the pride and honor of the Chinese people. The venerable masterpiece “Wu Jia Po” demonstrated grandeur and vitality. The classic Yue Opera masterpiece “Qing Tan San Zhi Xiang” carried poetic elegance with every word and note. The Kunqu Opera masterpiece “Mu Dan Ting” exuded the delicate beauty of the Jiangnan region. “Lady General MU Takes Command”, a tribute performance created for the 10th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, praised the heroic deeds of the Yang family in defending their country. Meanwhile, professional musicians from the National Peking Opera Company and Jingju Theatre of Beijing performed their live accompaniment with traditional instruments like Jinghu, Luo, and Gu, elevating the atmosphere to its climax and immersing the audience in the melodious tunes of traditional Chinese opera.

In the final act, the collective performance of the selected piece “Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy” concluded the gala with its majestic chorus of “Today, we celebrate with joyous drinks”. The 71st birthday celebration of CUPL not only involved alumni, faculty, and students in the program, but also featured two professional actors, i.e., Zhang Haoyang, a Peking Opera artist from China National Peking Opera Company, and Zhao Fangyuan, an actress from Tianjin Jingju Theatre Company. Their brilliant performances delivered warm blessings to CUPL on its 71st birthday.

Over the years, CUPL has consistently emphasized the inheritance of outstanding traditional Chinese cultures, guiding students to appreciate the charm of traditional cultures and enriching the campus cultural life. In this performance, members of the Teachers Music Club, Kunqu Club, and Student Association of Peking Opera Club, actively promoted the essence of traditional culture through their practical actions, achieving remarkable results in the development of aesthetic education at CUPL.

The charm of traditional Chinese opera transcends the river of time, remaining enduring and rejuvenated, much like the deep and unwavering affection that CUPLers hold for their alma mater. It is a sincerity and steadfastness that grow stronger with time. Although the performance has concluded, the determined and persevering CUPLers will carry with them the emotions evoked by the event and the strength bestowed upon them by CUPL, continuing to pursue their ideals and embark on new journeys.