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President of Belarusian State University,Karol Andrei Dmitrievich,and His Delegation Visit CUPL and Sign Cooperation Agreement

Published:2023-11-13 | Views:

On the afternoon of November 9, Hu Ming, Council Chair of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), welcomed the President of Belarusian State University (BSU), Karol Andrei Dmitrievich (Король Андрей Дмитриевич), at the Haidian Campus, CUPL. The accompanying delegation included Alesia PRAKHARENKA, Vice-President for Teaching and Educational Innovation, Yaroslav CHARKASKY, Vice-President, and Aliaksandr ZHUK, Director of the International Affairs Office. Besides, CUPL’s Vice President Lu Chunlong also attended the meeting.

(BSU President Andrei KAROL and His Delegation Visiting CUPL. Photo Credit: Yin Jianfeng)

Hu Ming, on behalf of the university, extended a warm welcome to Andrei KAROL and his delegation for their return visit to CUPL. He reviewed the friendly exchanges between the two universities since the resumption of in-person visits. Notably, he mentioned the consensus reached during the CUPL delegation's visit to BSU in September this year, where specific requirements were put forward for the upcoming exchange student cooperation. Hu Ming expressed CUPL's commitment to advancing practical cooperation based on the signed memorandum of understanding, fostering academic dialogue, and promoting mutual development and deeper friendship between the two nations.

Andrei KAROL expressed his gratitude for CUPL’s warm reception and acknowledged the university's dedication to fostering cooperation with BSU over the past year. He highlighted the efficiency and attention given to the collaboration, mentioning his two visits within six months. The purpose of his current visit and speech was to build on the positive outcomes of the September talks in Minsk. He expressed hope for continued collaboration, including short-term teaching, student exchange projects, and joint international conferences.

Then, representatives from both sides engaged in in-depth discussions on specific topics.

Following the discussions, Lu Chunlong and Alesia PRAKHARENKA signed a BSU-CUPL Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for Students.

After the signing ceremony, Andrei KAROL delivered a keynote speech titled "Heuristic Pedagogy: How to Teach Everyone in a Similar Way but Differently" to CUPL representatives. The report systematically introduced the theoretical framework of discovery pedagogy, compared Eastern and Western traditional teaching methods, and shared teaching approaches encouraging independent exploration and active thinking. Li Juqian presided over the lecture, which received support from the CUPL Faculty Development Center and was included in the "Overseas Pedagogy Workshop" series.

(Andrei KAROL presenting a keynote speech. Photo Credit: Yin Jianfeng)

Accompanying the visit were Wang Yaotian, Director of the BSU-to-China Information and Education Center, and Liu Qia, Deputy Director of the Center. Representatives from various departments and colleges at our university, including the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange and the College of Comparative Law, participated in the talks and the signing ceremony. Faculty representatives from various schools such as the School of Law, the Civil, Commercial and Economic Law School, the School of Criminal Justice, the School of Humanities, the School of Foreign Studies, the Physical Education Department, the School of Sociology, the Institute for Data Law, and the Institute of Legal History were present at the lecture.

(BSU President Andrei KAROL and His Delegation Visiting CUPL. Photo Credit: Yin Jianfeng)

Overview of BSU

Belarusian State University (BSU), established in 1921 in the capital of Belarus, Minsk, is a world-renowned public research university with a history spanning over a century. It stands as one of the leading public research universities globally and is among the top public research universities in the European region. During the Soviet era, Belarusian State University, along with Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State University, and Kyiv State University, was recognized as one of the four major national universities in the Soviet Union, establishing itself as one of the premier institutions of higher education in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

It has 16 faculties, 11 educational institutes, and 6 research institutes. Notable disciplines include physics, computer science, international relations, biological sciences, and journalism. The university has produced several Nobel Prize laureates.

BSU currently has 28,500 students, including undergraduates, masters, and doctoral students, with over 3,500 international students. The faculty comprises over 3,800 members, including eight academicians in the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB), 130 corresponding members, 400 Doctors of Sciences, and 1,400 Candidates of Sciences as of 2023.