Four cafeterias serve the Changping Campus including Cafeteria No. 1, Cafeteria No. 2, Cafeteria No. 3 and Cafeteria No. 4. The Legal Science Cafeteria serves the Haidian Campus. These cafeterias provide basic meal services, mainly Northern Chinese cuisine, as well as various other dining options for students, and food orders and a buffet for faculty and staff.

Cafeteria No. 1  is located opposite Mei Yuan and to the south of the Statue of Pioneer Bull (Tuo Huang Niu) on the Changping Campus. The first floor has four dining counters which provide basic meal services, Malatang (spicy numbing hotpot) and late supper, noodles and desserts, and set meals. The second floor has a Shu Wei Xuan stand (Sichuan province spicy cuisine), a milk tea stand, the jar soup stand, and Southern Chinese fast food.

Cafeteria No. 2  is located east of Cafeteria No. 1. on the Changping Campus. On the first floor, there is a soybean milk stand and five meal counters which provide basic meal services, foreign food, Jian Hua Yuan, Hangzhou steamed meat buns, and Taiwanese cuisine. The Faculty Cafeteria is in the southeast of Cafeteria No.2, and offers Chinese cuisine like steamed and stewed meals and food order services to students and faculty. The Halal Cafeteria is on the second floor of Cafeteria No.2. There are two meal counters which are respectively Halal basic meal services and the Qin Wei Yuan.

Cafeteria No. 3  is on F2 and B1 of the International Exchange Center on the Changping Campus. The Chinese dining hall on F2 provides food order services and a faculty buffet.

Cafeteria No. 4  is located in the yard of the Student Apartments Ju Yuan on the Changping Campus. It provides basic meal services.

The Legal Science cafeteria  is located to the east of the north gate on the Haidian Campus. The first floor has eight counters which provide basic meal services, local specialty foods, Wuhan hot-dry noodles, Malatang (spicy numbing hotpot), sliced noodles, rice noodles, Hangzhou steamed meat buns, and soybean milk. The Halal Cafeteria is on the second floor which provides fast food, staple food, Northwest Chinese noodles, and milk tea.

Meal Service Time
Breakfast: 7: 00    a. m. – 9: 00  a. m.
Lunch:  11: 00  a. m. – 1: 00  p. m.
Supper:  5: 00    p. m. – 7: 00  p. m.
Late supper:  7: 00    p. m. – 10:00 p. m.

Notice: Dining hours for winter break, summer break and holidays may be different. Dining plans will be provided in advance. Shu Wei Xuan and Southern Chinese fast food start service at 10:30 a.m. everyday. Ji Xiang Yuan and late supper operate from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. everyday.


Foreign students live in the three-star International Exchange Center. Located in the northern part of the Changping Campus, the center serves many functions, including lodging, conference hosting, food and drink, and entertainment. The seven-story building contains 25000 square meters, 114 premium guest rooms, 105 standard guest rooms, and several business and luxury suites. The center also has a variety of conference halls and facilities to accommodate as many as 150 attendees. Private dining rooms are available in the restaurant, and entertainment options include karaoke and board games.