Law Schools Global League (LSGL)

Established in 2012, the Law Schools Global League (LSGL) is the first formal inter-university Law School Association in the world. It aims at fostering academic debate on the impact of globalized law, encouraging academic debate on the impact of globalized legal education, stimulating and facilitating cooperation in education and research, and engaging in debate with stakeholders in all fields of legal practice. To pursue these goals, the LSGL has launched the Innovation in Law Awards (LAWARDS), an award that recognizes innovative ideas in the legal industry. Each year, the LSGL organizes a number of activities, including conferences and a summer school centered on the theme of law and globalization, besides setting up joint-research and joint-teaching activities. At present, the LSGL’s members include 33 prestigious universities in 22 countries, such as Georgetown University in the United States, University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, Stockholm University in Sweden, National University of Singapore, and University of Cape Town in South Africa. So far, three universities in China have joined LSGL, i.e. China University of Political Science and Law (2013), Wuhan University (2018) and Chinese University of Hong Kong (2018).

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