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CI at Bangor Celebrates the Chinese Spring Festival Online

At the beginning of new Chinese year, the Confucius Institute at Bangor University (the CI at Bangor), co-operated by CUPL and Bangor University, performed an impressive online cultural feast to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year for Chinese culture and language learners and fans. Despite difficulties brought by the pandemic, the CI at Bangor brought innovative ideas for the celebration.

The gala was broadcasted in series on Youtube from February 8 to 12. Through the online series, the CI at Bangor introduced traditional conventions of the Chinese Spring Festival, the lucky money, traditional music instrument, the Chinese Lantern Festival, the Chinese Loong, the rattle-drum, festival blessing, panda, as well as Welsh expressions of Chinese spring festival, and a brief introduction of Chinese animal zodiac for the year of ox. Teacher Pang Haifan from CUPL recorded a video of appreciating Chinese Wushu in both Chinese and English for this activity. In this brilliant video, he presented Changquan, the Mantis Quan, the Chinese sword play, and the Chinese blade play, and taught the audience how to play Taiji Quan.

(Teacher Pang Haifan showed the Chinese Wushu)

(Brilliant introduction of various themes for the online series)