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CUPL Holds the 7th Board Meeting of the Confucius institutes at the University of Bucharest

On September 26, the 7th Board Meeting of the Confucius Institute at the University of Bucharest, Romania (the CI at Bucharest)was held at the Changping Campus.Representatives from the University of Bangor attending the meeting includedMilcaea Dumitru, President of the University of Buchares, Marian Preda, Director of the School Board, Luminita Balan, Foreign Co-Director ofthe CI at Bucharest, and Mugurel-DanZlotea, Professor of the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures.CUPL representatives included Prof.Ma Huaide,President of CUPL,Prof. Shi Jianzhong, Vice President of CUPL, Prof. Li Li, Chinese Co-Director of the CI at Bucharest, and Li Dandan, Director of theConfucius Institute Office. The meeting was moderated by Prof. Shi Jianzhong. On behalf of CUPL, President Ma expressed his welcome to President Dumitru and his delegation. He pointed out that after six years of development, the CI at Bucharest has achieved several remarkable results: Foreign Co-DirectorLuminita Balan received the“2016 Confucius Institute Individual Performance Excellence Award”; the CI at Bucharest was honored“2017 Confucius Institute of the year”; CUPL won thetitle of “2018Outstanding Confucius Institute Chinese Partner”; and Professor Luminita Balan won the “Chinese Government Friendship Award”in 2019.President Ma expected that the two universities will continue to work together for a higher level of exchange and cooperation.