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First Barbados Finalist in “Chinese Bridge” Returns with Awards

In the evening of October 31, 2017 (local time), Rondell Trim, the first Barbados finalist and teacher Li Yanhua returned safely from China to Barbados after the 10th Chinese Bridge-Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students.

Contestant Rondell Trim at the Award Ceremony

The final round of the 10th Chinese Bridge Competition was held in Kunming from October 13 to 29. 320 students and faculty from 96 countries around the world took part in the competition. Rondell, a grade six student of Harrison College, was the first contestant from Barbados to compete in the game. After six rounds of intense competition, i.e. written test on knowledge, competency competition, talent competition, Intercontinental tournament, top ten competition and group final, Rondell was awarded for “Improvement Award” and “Individual Excellence” and won the CI scholarship for one-semester study of the Chinese language in China.


Visiting the Confucius Institute headquarters (Hanban)


 Visiting the Palace Museum with other contestants

During the competition, Rondell also spent time in Chinese schools and families and experienced the Chinese folk culture through the visit to folk villages, national museum and other activities. Rondell came to see the profound Chinese martial arts through watching martial arts performance and learning Wing Chun (a school of traditional Chinese martial art). Rondell felt the scientific and technological progresses and social development in China through visits to enterprises and communities. In addition, with other contestants from all round the world, Rondell visited the Confucius Institute headquarters (Hanban), the Palace Museum as well as the Summer Palace and the Great Wall. He also tasted Peking ducks. He thanked the Chinese Bridge competition for the unforgettable trip to China and said that he would continue to study Chinese and share his wonderful Chinese experience with more Barbados teenagers.


Barbados Ambassador to China met with contestant Rondell

The first success of Barbados contestant in the Chinese Bridge-Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students also received great attention and supports from the Chinese and Barbados embassies.