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Scholarship and Grant Awards Ceremony of China Kind Fund Was Held in CUPL

In the afternoon of May 9, 2019, the Scholarship and Grant Awards Ceremony of China Kind Fund (CKF) was held at the Changping Campus of CUPL. Ma Yunying, Executive Vice President of CKF, Liu Jian, Director of the Office of Domestic Cooperation of CUPL, Li Jing, Executive Dean of School of Information Management for Law, Wu Xiaohong, Secretary of the Party Committee of School of Information Management for Law, representatives of the honored students and relevant personnel attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Yu Qingquan, Deputy Director of the Office of Domestic Cooperation.


Li Jing expressed her sincere gratitude to CKF for its funding. She said, CKF has been adhering to the concept of “the Spirit of China, the Boundless Love”, and has made outstanding contributions to philanthropy. The scholarships and grants were more than a material help for the students, they were valuable and spiritual wealth. Taking this opportunity, the students should turn this assistance into strength to study hard, cherish the boundless love, carry on the torch of love and make their own contributions to public welfare.

Ma Yunying and Liu Jian awarded scholarships and grants to the honored students.

Afterwards, student representatives made speech and generated appreciation to CKF. They said that the love would inspire them to study hard, strive hard and devote their love to society in the future.

Ma Yunying said that she was very happy to see CKF could give some material helps to the students. She encouraged them to speak out the difficulties they encountered in their study and lives bravely and do not bear heavy psychological burdens because of these difficulties. CKF was willing to be the strongest backing and sincerest friend and try its best to help students. At the same time, she also hoped that the students could pass the love on and actively participate in the public welfare activities organized by CKF or other philanthropic organizations to help more people in need.