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Five Professor Emeriti

Professor Chen Guangzhong


Former CUPL President Chen Guangzhong graduated from Peking University Law School in 1952. He is a CUPL emeritus professor, PhD mentor, and serves as honorary director of the Procedural Law Institute. A distinguished jurist, Professor Chen is one of the founders of procedural legal science in modern China, vice-president of the China Law Society, and president of the Procedural Law Institute of China Law Society. Professor Chen was born in 1930 in Yongjia, Zhejiang.

Professor Chen’s main works include:

Amendment Proposals and Applications Regarding Criminal Procedural Law of the People's Republic of China (editor in chief)
Experts’ drafted edition of the Criminal Evidence Law of People's Republic of China (including articles, interpretations and examples) (editor in chief)
Interpretations and Applications of the Criminal Procedural Law of People's Republic of China
An Introduction to Law
Criminal Procedural Law (newly compiled)
Criminal Procedural Law (revised) Practice
Criminal Judicial Norms of the United Nations and China's Criminal Legality
Amendment Proposals and Applications of the Criminal Procedural Law of People's Republic of China
Prevention and Control of Financial Fraud
Criminal Procedural Law During the Past Fifty Years
Criminal Procedural Law
Fundamentals of Law
A Study on the Implementation of Criminal Procedural Law
A Comparative Study of China’s and Germany’s Non-Prosecutorial Systems
A Study on the Approval and Implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights