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Professor Emeritus Zhang Jinfan



CUPL Professor Emeritus Zhang Jinfan (born 1930) is a distinguished Chinese jurist and pioneer of China’s legal history research efforts.  As chief architect of China’s legal history studies, he helped promote the subject as a National Key Discipline. His academic appointments have included the following: former CUPL vice-president,; president of CUPL’s Graduate School; CUPL PhD supervisor; CUPL Academy of Legal History honorary dean;  director of the Chinese Legal History Institute; standing vice-chair of the Chinese Legal History Society, and, honorary chair and advisor to the Chinese Legal History Society.

Professor Zhang’s chief works include:

An Introduction to Law History (1988)
Ancient China's Political System (1988)
Ancient China's Legal System (1992)
China Legal History (1992)
A Study on the Lǜs of Qing Dynasty (1993)
A Comprehensive Review of “Civil Laws” of Qing Dynasty (1998)
The Gradual Evolution of China's Legality Civilization (2000)
China's Modern Society and Legal Civilization (2003)
The Collected Works of XinHuo (to pass on the learning torch) (2003)
China's Constitutional History (2004)
Traditions and Modern Transformations of China's Law (revised edition) (2005)
Anthology of Zhang Jinfan (2007)
Manuscripts on China's Legal Supervision System (2007)

In addition, Professor Zhang has published over 100 academic treatises and has edited leading legal history textbooks. Many of his academic works have been translated into English, Japanese, and Korean and published in foreign academic journals and treatises.