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Professor Li Deshun


CUPL Professor Emeritus Li Deshun is dean of the CUPL College of Humanities, where he also serves as its journal’s editor-in-chief.  Professor Li is also vice-chair of China’s Dialectical Materialism Institute. His research focuses on Marxist philosophy, including the research on the reform and development of philosophical principles, axiology and contemporary cultures.  Professor Li has been a guest lecturer at universities in Russia, Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.  In addition to the works listed below, his writings and research have appeared in more than 100 treatises. Professor Li was born in Hebei Province in 1945.

Professor Li’s key works include:

Great Cognitive Tools (1981)
Axiology - a Study on Subjectivity (1987)
A New View on Value (1993)
The Chosen Ego - Life in Eyes of a Philosopher (1996)
A Textbook on Civic Virtues (1996)
Home:  An Expounding Outline on Cultural Development (co-authored with Sun Weiping, Sun Meitang) (2000)
Principles of Axiology (co-authored with Ma Junfeng) (2002)
Value of Life (2004)
A Study on Deng Xiaoping's Values of People as Masters (2004)
A New Theory on Values (2005)
Moral Values (co-authored with Sun Weiping) (2005)

Compiled Works as Chief Editor:

Collected Translations in Axiology (12 books included)
A Dictionary of Axiology (1994)
Book Series - Value of Life (11 books included) (1996)
Book Series - Value of Practice (10 books included) (2005)