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Five Professor Emeriti

Professor Emeritus Ying Songnian



A well-known jurist in China and Tenured Professor of CUPL

Honorary President, Administrative Law Studies Institute of China Law Society


Prof. Ying was born in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province in 1936. He is one of the earliest researchers and professors in administrative law in China. He is the founder and leader of the administrative law studies in China. In addition to the works listed below, his has published over 100 monographs and articles, and has presided projects supported by the National Social Science Foundation. Prof. Ying participated in the drafting of laws and legislations such as the Administrative Law, the State Compensation Law, the Administrative Punishment Law, the Legislation Law and the Administrative Licensing Law. He has been granted Honorary Doctorates of Law from Nagoya University (Japan).


Representative works:

China’s Explorations Towards Law-based Administration
Theory and Practice of Administrative Law
Contemporary Chinese Administrative Law