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A Lecture by Prof. of St. Mary's University School of Law Alexander H. E. Morawa

Time & Date: 19:00-20:30, Thursday, 27 June, 2019

Event: Lecture by recurring adjunct professor at the Washington College of Law of American University & senior partner at Kingsfield Law Office Professor Alexander H. E. Morawa

Topic: Issues on Migrants and Immigrants: From the Perspectives of International Law and the U.S. Immigration Law

Location: B211, Research Building, Xueyuan Road Campus

Brief Intro

This lecture will discuss current issues of migrants and immigrants from the perspectives of international law and the US immigration law: immigrant vs. refugee; barriers to return/deportation; migrant family/juvenile migrant rights; entry and due process, and possibly detention of migrants. This lecture will also review the trend and key facts of the US immigration policy, and the tactics being employed by the U.S. agencies responsible for immigration which have raised due process and other constitutional concerns.