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Learning Group (Expanded) of CUPL Council Study General Secretary Xi Jinping's Important Speech during His Visit to RUC

On April 29, the Learning Group (Expanded) of CUPL Council had its 5th study session in 2022. The study session focused on the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech during his inspection visit to Renmin University of China (RUC). At the study session, it was pointed out that the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping during his visit to RUC was of great importance for CUPL to adhere to the leadership of the Party, to run a university in the context of China, to charter a new path for building a world-class university with Chinese characteristics, to promote the prosperity of its philosophy and social science studies, and to cultivate high-quality faculty and a new generation of graduates who are capable of shouldering the responsibilities of national rejuvenation. The CUPLers should study and implement the spirit of the speech, and promote the high-quality development of CUPL.