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The Sixth "China Law-Based Government Award" List Announced

In the morning of March 20, the final assessment of the sixth "China Law-Based Government Award" was held in China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL). The assessment was held in a mixed-mode - a combination of virtual and on-site meeting. Representatives of 35 finalists from all over the country, judges of the final assessment, and journalists attended the event. This year, the Selection Committee of China Law-based Government Award had received a total of 218 applications, an increase of 1.5 times over the previous session. The applications cover 14 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, involving administrative decision-making, reform of the administrative approval system, and other aspects of law-based government.

(The final assessment)

After votes were cast and counted in an open and fair manner, President Ma Huaide announced that 15 projects won the award, such as the “’System + SciTech’ Boosting Law-Based Administrative Normative Documents" project submitted by the General Office of Shanghai Municipal People's Government, and 20 projects, such as the "Building Smart Police Station for the Reform to Delegate Power, Streamline Administration and Optimize Government Services” project submitted by the Chenghua District People's Government of Chengdu, won the nomination award. Then, He Xiaorong, Zhang Xueqiao and Wang Qijiang delivered speeches as representatives of the selection penal.

(President Ma Huaide introducing the selection rules)

The sixth "China Law-Based Government Award" is hosted by the School of Law-Based Government, CUPL. China Administrative Law Society provided it with academic instructions. The "China Law-Based Government Award" is the first award in China that was established by the School of Law-Based Government, CUPL, an academic institution, and where authoritative experts and the public evaluate the systems and measures of state organs at all levels in promoting law-based administration and building a government ruled by law. The selection is based on scientific evaluation criteria and open selection procedures. It aims to summarize the useful experience of state organs at all levels in promoting law-based administration and building a government ruled by law, objectively and fairly evaluate and promote the important achievements of state organs at all levels in promoting administration according to law and building a government ruled by law, and achieve the fundamental goal of "incentives through evaluation". Since the establishment of the award in 2010, it has been held six times and has produced a wide and far-reaching social impact.