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CUPL and PPSUC Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

On March 8, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) and People’s Public Security University of China (PPSUC) was held at the Haidian Campus of CUPL. The ceremony was attended by Prof. Hu Ming, Council Chair of CUPL, Prof. Ma Huaide, President of CUPL, Prof. Feng Shiyong Vice President of CUPL and Major General Chen Dingwu, Council Chair of PPSUC, Prof. Cao Shiquan, President of PPSUC, and Mr. Li Shoude, Vice President of PPSUC. Heads of schools and administrative offices of CUPL and PPSUC also attended the ceremony. CUPL Vice President Feng Shiyong presided over the ceremony.

Hu Ming, Council Chair of CUPL, delivers a speech

Prof. Hu first extended a warm welcome to all delegates of PPSUC and sincerely appreciated PPSUC for its continuous care, support and assistance to CUPL.

CUPL Council Chair Hu stated that the strategic corporation between the two universities was advantaged and well-based. He hoped that the two universities would think of service for the country as the highest end, and carry out in-depth corporation to advance the rule of law in China. He urged the two sides to practice the fundamental task of cultivating moral integrity, and continue to innovate the cultivation mechanism of legal talents. The two universities should uphold both “moral and legal education” and “police forces for strength”, explore an innovative intercollegiate model for coordinated development for universities that specialize in political science and law, and contribute powerful intellectual support and talents for comprehensively advancing the rule of law in China.Hu suggested the two sides to seize the strategic agreement as an opportunity that would catalyze advances, bring mutual benefits, and yield win-win outcomes. CUPL and PPSUC should optimize respective disciplinary advantages in legal science, public security, criminal investigation, national security, data law, etc., and bring practical collaboration outcomes in joint scientific research, educational experience sharing, and faculty exchanges.

Chen Dingwu, Council Chair of PPSUC, delivers a speech

PPSUC Council Chair Chen said, PPSUC and CUPL shared the common historical origin, i.e., the two universities’ predecessor, the Central Cadres’ College of Science, and had deep-rooted friendship and close exchanges. He wished the two universities would strengthen corporation in the following areas: disciplinary development, talent cultivation, human resources, and joint research programs.

(Signing the agreement)

Ma Huaide, President of CUPL, delivers a speech

CUPL President Ma offered his congratulation to the successful signing of the strategic cooperation agreement. He pointed out that, the signing ceremony marked a new stage of collaboration between the two universities with cooperation expanded and friendship deepened. Prof. Ma also stressed the concreteness of the agreements, especially in mutual support for the training of foreign-related legal talents, in mutual learning of the disciplinary development of legal science and national security science, in bidding grants for joint research programs, and in faculty exchanges and recommendations.

Cao Shiquan, President of PPSUC, delivers a speech

PPSUC President Cao stressed that signing of the agreement started a new chapter of corporation between CUPL and PPSUC, which transformed existing historical origins of two universities into practical collaboration, joint contribution and shared benefits.