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Two Gold Medals, Three Silver Medals and One Bronze Medal-Another Successful Record by CUPL High-level Table Tennis Team

On December 11, the 2021 Table Tennis Championship of Universities in Beijing (Individual Event), sponsored by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports and Federation of University Sports of Beijing, kicked off in the gymnasium of North China University of Technology. After two days of fierce competition, the high-level table tennis team from CUPL won two gold medals, three silver medals, and one bronze medal. The success demonstrated the vigor and strength of CUPL table tennis team again.

In the two rounds of women's singles on December 11, four of our female players, Li Rensijia, Li Ruonan, Gao Yuan and Li Aolin, made it through to the quarter-finals. Li Rensijia and Li Ruonan made it to the finals. In the afternoon of December 12, CUPL freshman Li Rensijia won the championship with only two losses in five games. CUPL women’s team, claimed gold, silver, broze, and the fifth place in the game, proving the great strength of CUPL in the women's table tennis events.

CUPLers also performed well in Men's singles. Xia Yuheng fished second in the final. Freshmen Wang Di won the eighth place.

In women's doubles on December 12, CUPL doubles teams worked well together and three pairs reached the quarter-finals. In the semi-finals, two pairs from CUPL, Li Rensijia / Gao Yuan and Li Ruonan / Li Aolin, successfully advance to the final, enabling CUPL to achieve both the first place and the second place again. Another pair, He Shenli / Dong Haorui, achieved the fifth place.