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CUPL Obtains 32 Grants from the National Social Science Fund

Recently, National Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences announced the approved 2021 Annual National Social Science Fund Research Projects and Youth Projects. CUPL has obtained 32 grants, the best result so far. Prof. Pang jinyou's Research on the Origin and Impact of Political Polarization in Contemporary Western Countries and Prof. Jia Wenhua's Interdisciplinary Research on China-EU Relations of Trade and Investment were approved as key projects.

In terms of number of grants, CUPL ranked 23rd among all universities and colleges in China, significantly higher than the 57th in 2020. This year’s number is also 60% higher than the average annual number of CUPL during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, which was about 20.

In terms of discipline, law, as an leading discipline of CUPL, has maintained a sound performance, with 14 projects approved. Besides, political science, philosophy, history, literature, among others, have also demonstrated the trend of development and robust vitality. Specifically, four international affairs researches, three political science projects, two philosophy projects, two Chinese history project, two Chinese literature projects, two projects on Journalism and Communication, one project on applied economy, one project on Marxism-Leninism, and one demography project were approved.