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The 2021 Graduate Freshmen Opening Ceremony Held in CUPL

On September 4, China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) held the opening ceremony for the 2021 graduate freshmen in the auditorium of the Xueyuanlu Campus. 16 parallel sessions were set up both in the Xueyuanlu Campus and the Chang Ping Campus. Hu Ming, CUPL Council Chair, Ma Huaide, President of CUPL, Feng Shiyong, Vice President of CUPL, Gang Wenzhe, CUPL Council Vice-Chair, Gao Huanyue, CUPL Council Vice-Chair, Vice Presidents Li Shuangchen, Shi Jianzhong, Chang Baoguo, and Li Xiuyun, as well as Wang Liyan, CUPL Council Vice-Chair, deans of schools, representatives of master supervisors and 2021 graduate freshmen attended the ceremony.

President Ma, taking responsibility as a key word, delivered a speech during the ceremony. President Ma began by expressing his sincere congratulations and warm welcome to all freshmen on behalf of CUPL. He believed that graduate students of CUPL should assume responsibilities in four respects. First, as CUPLers, it is their responsibility to make contributions to the society by championing the rule of law; second, as students, it is their responsibility to read extensively and keep the unity of knowledge and practice; third, as graduate students, it is their responsibility to be meticulous with research and learn "the pleasure of taking pains"; and, fourth, as youngsters, it is their responsibility to temper their will and live up to expectations.

Xu Shenjian, supervisor representative and Dean of the School of Juris Masters, delivered a speech on “Be a strong-minded CUPLer at the Age of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity). Dai Lu, Ph.D. student from the School of Political Science and Public Administration, majoring in Political Science, spoke as the representative of Grade 2020. Cang Qiong from the 2021 Experimental Class of International Legal Talents of the College of Comparative Law, spoke as the representative of graduate freshmen.

At the ceremony, Lu Chunlong, Executive Dean of the Graduate School of CUPL, announced the list of winners for 2021 “Liu Wenchao Excellent Talent Award (for Excellent Graduate Students)”. Then, schools and institutes  provided orientation introduction to all freshmen.