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The 2021 Undergraduate Freshmen Opening Ceremony Held in CUPL

On September 2, China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) held the opening ceremony for the 2021 undergraduate freshmen in sports field of the Changping Campus. Hu Ming, CUPL Council Chair, Ma Huaide, President of CUPL, Fang Guoliang, Liaison of Party Construction of the Ministry of Education, Feng Shiyong, CUPL Vice President, Gang Wenzhe, CUPL Council Vice-Chair, Gao Huanyue, CUPL Council Vice-Chair, Vice Presidents Li Shuangchen and Chang Baoguo, Wang Liyan, CUPL Council Vice-Chair, and Kang Hua, partner of Beijing Zhong Lun Law Firm and outstanding alumni attended the ceremony.

Dingru, Associate Professor of the School of International Law delivered a speech on behalf of CUPL faculty. She shared insights on how to develop an interest in life and in learning. Xia Yu, student representative from the School of Humanities shared college and military experience and encouraged the freshmen to make the best use of time, stay true to the original aspiration, and strive to become a diligent CUPLer. Lv Zhilin, freshman representative from the Civil, Commercial and Economic Law School shared the internship experience at a local court and volunteer experience in the fight against the COVID-19. Kang Hua, CUPL alumni representative, Vice president Feng Shiyong, and Lu Shaohua, Director of CUPL Alumni Office, gave out “Admission Gifts for Freshmen”.

At the ceremony, President Ma expressed his sincere congratulations and warm welcome to 2021 undergraduate freshmen on behalf of CUPL. He said that education was an undertaking of talent cultivation that can change one’s characters. CUPL would uphold its uniqueness and help students shape their ideal, morality and integrity as well as empower them through its imperceptible and uplifting influence. President Ma then elaborate on the uniqueness of CUPL from four dimensions to 2021 undergraduate freshmen.