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Freshmen Orientation for 2021 Graduates Completed in CUPL

On August 30, President Ma Huaide, Vice President Chang Baoguo, heads of administrative offices, deans of schools and institutes, as well as student mentors, welcomed 2021 graduate freshmen at the Xueyuanlu Campus of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL). This year, there are 2,638 graduate freshmen, including 2,225 master students, 328 doctoral students, and 85 graduates from Hong Kong, Macro, Taiwan of the P.R.C. and foreign countries, increased by 144 students over the last year. Better yet, the experimental class for international legal talents and international lawyer program for master of law, starting enrollment this year, welcomed 49 and 50 freshmen respectively.

CUPL continued to offer one-stopregistration to graduate freshmen and improve services and management through Information Technology (IT). After facial recognition, the freshmen headed for their own schools to register and verify identity. Students will then receive their campus cards, dormitory keys and relevant materials on site. In addition, the graduates who needed to undergo nucleic acid tests were guided by volunteers one by one to finish tests on site.

Besides, the Logistics Office and Enrollment Office set up welcoming decorations, including board with names of the freshmen, decorative boards, fountain and flowers to bring a joyous air to all the freshmen. The Security Office and the School Hospital put Health Monitoring Sites and Vehicle Routes in the east entrance of the university. The Network Information Office placed facial recognition devices and temperature-measuring devices at the east gate of the university. The Students’ Affairs Office answered freshmen’ questions concerning student loans and provided a guidance to freshmen who needed to undergo nucleic acid tests. The Office of Youth League Committee helped freshmen to carry luggage and provided rental carts, etc.