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Military Training for 2020 Undergraduate students Concludes

On July 18, the closing ceremony of the military training for 2020 undergraduate students of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) was held at the Changping Campus of CUPL. CUPL Council Chair Hu Ming, Vice President Li Xiuyun, Executive Director of Beijing Shenghua military training base Wen Jun, as well as heads of relevant administrative offices and schools of CUPL and heads of the military training regiment attended the closing ceremony. Instructors of the training base and all members of the 2020 undergraduate military training regiment attended the ceremony. Vice President Li Xiuyun delivered a speech.

The closing ceremony began with the passionate national anthem and the solemn regiment flag. The companies of students walked and saluting the rostrum in turn. The boxing team and the dagger-exercising team performed with neat, uniform and powerful movements, winning bursts of applause. In the tense and rapid music, the tactical team performed a wonderful hostage rescue exercise. In the chorus of the battle song Qiang Jun Zhan Ge (literally Army Battle Hymn), the closing ceremony reached its climax.

After the military parade, CUPL presented a brocade flag to Beijing Shenghua military training base. Li Pengfei spoke as a student representative.