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Seminar on "Researching the Integration of Scientific Spirit and Craftsmanship and Its Practical Innovation in the New Era" Held

On July 15, the seminar on "Researching the Integration of Scientific Spirit and Craftsmanship and Its Practical Innovation in the New Era", a National Social Science Fund Major Project undertaken by Prof. Zhang Xiuhua of the School of Marxism, China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), was held at the Xueyuanlu Campus of CUPL. CUPL Vice President Shi Jianzhong attended the seminar. The event was moderated by Prof. Wang Qingbin, Deputy Director of the Research Office, CUPL. Nearly 70 experts and scholars from Tsinghua University, the Chinese Society for Dialectics of Nature, Beijing Normal University, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and etc., attended the seminar.

In his speech, Vice President Shi fully approved Prof. Zhang Xiuhua's outstanding achievements in teaching and scientific research, congratulated her on the approval of the major project on the spirit of the fifth plenary of the 19th CPC Central Committee, sponsored by the National Social Science Fund of China, and extended his welcome and sincere thanks to all the experts attending the meeting.

Prof. Zhang made a detailed report on the research topic, objectives, contents, highlights, difficulties, logic, methods, as well as the intended innovations and breakthroughs of the research project. She underscored the important objective of the project to strengthen the cultural soft power and creativity of China. Under the backdrop of China’s 2049 Citizen's Scientific Quality Action Plan, the 2035 National Development Goal, the Made in China 2025 Plan, and the new wave of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution, the project focused on the "understanding", "intellectualization", "utilization" and "transformation" of the scientific spirit and the craftsmanship. The project not only intended to systematically approach the necessity, significance, and value of promoting the scientific spirit and the craftsmanship, but also to explore the theoretical basis for the integration of scientific spirit and craftsmanship, and the mechanism of its practical innovation and expansion, and to illuminate the effective approach for the education, publicity, and popularization of the scientific spirit and the craftmanship.