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CUPL Holds the 2021 Commencement Ceremony for Postgraduates

On June 24, the 2021 Postgraduate Commencement Ceremony and Degree Conferment Ceremony of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) was held at the Xueyuanlu Campus. CUPL Council Chair Hu Ming, President Ma Huaide, Professor Emeriti Jiang Ping, Chen Guangzhong and Ying Songnian, Vice Council Chairs Gang Wenzhe and Wang Liyan, as well as Vice Presidents Feng Shiyong, Li Shuangchen, Shi Jianzhong and Li Xiuyun attended the ceremony. The ceremony was moderated by Vice President Chang Baoguo.

Before the ceremony started, all the students and teachers watched the video Memory of the University together. After that, Feng Shiyong read out the Decision of China University of Political Science and Law on the Graduation of Postgraduates and Vice President Shi Jianzhong read out the Decision of China University of Political Science and Law on Granting Doctoral and Master’s Degrees to Post-graduate Students.

In his speech, President Ma Huaide expressed his warmest congratulations to all the postgraduates graduates on behalf of CUPL, and his heartfelt thanks to the teachers who had provided guidance and support to the graduates. He then summarized and reviewed the past three years of campus life in three key words, i.e., “harvest, complain and witness” for the graduates. As the graduates are about to embark on a new journey in life, President Ma sent a heartfelt message to them, hoping that they would always remember the university motto of “keep integrity and law in mind and studying for the people, developing moral education, mastering the law, looking for truth and serving for the public.” He said that the motto was not only the spiritual bond of CUPLers, but also an important encouragement for CUPLers to meet challenges. He exhorted the postgraduates who are about to pursue bright future with four suggestions. First, only when you are ambitious can you see the road ahead. Second, the moral bottom line can be kept only if you can endure loneliness. Third, the ability to love is the precondition to be kind to the world. Fourth, taking care of oneself is the prerequisite for serving the society. Finally, President Ma Huaide hoped that students facing the increasingly “involute” society, would not choose to “lie flat” but should strive to “lie win”, because “the only way to win is to work hard”.

Finally, CUPL leaders, members of the CUPL degree committee, and deans of schools, conferred degrees on the graduates.