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CUPL Holds the 2021 Commencement Ceremony for Undergraduates

On June 22, the 2021 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony and Degree Conferment Ceremony of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) was held at the Changping Campus. CUPL Council Chair Hu Ming, President Ma Huaide, Vice Presidents Feng Shiyong, Li Shuangchen, Shi Jianzhong, and Chang Baoguo, as well as Vice Council Chairs Gang Wenzhe, Gao Huanyue, and Wang Liyan attended the ceremony. The ceremony was moderated by Vice President Li Xiuyun.

The ceremony started with a youthful song performed by several undergraduates. After that, Vice President Shi Jianzhong read out the Decision of China University of Political Science and Law on the Graduation of Undergraduate and Second Degree Students. Vice President Chang Baoguo read out the Decision of China University of Political Science and Law on Granting Bachelor's Degrees to Undergraduate and Second-Degree Students. Vice Council Chair Gang Wenzhe read out the Decision of China University of Political Science and Law on Honoring Outstanding Undergraduate Graduates. CUPL leaders then awarded honorary certificates to representatives of outstanding graduates, and presented graduation certificates and degree certificates to representatives of graduates.

At the ceremony, President Ma Huaide extended his warmest congratulations to all the graduates and his most heartfelt thanks to faculty who had provided guidance and care for the graduates. In his speech, he recalled the memorable experiences of the undergraduates growing up together with CUPL. He said that: in the late spring of 2018, we listened to the letter of encouragement from General Secretary Xi Jinping to the League members of our university and studied together the important instruction. Together, you have spent splendid years in CUPL. In the summer of 2019, we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China together, and you participated in the Formation of Democracy and Rule of Law during the celebration parade. You showed the grace and excellence of CUPL to the whole world. In the late autumn of 2020, we fought against the COVID-19 pandemic together and welcomed the long-awaited reunion and resumption of classes. We also witnessed the formation and establishment of Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of Law, and proudly became the practitioner and promoter of this important thought. In the early winter of 2021, we received the good news that Beijing municipality and the Ministry of Education decided to jointly sponsor the development of our university. We are pleased to see that our university has been officially added to the list of the provincial - ministerial co-sponsorship program. It will open a new chapter for the development of CUPL.

He hoped that the students would be as vigorous as spring and be brave to pursue ambitious ideals and dreams; as energetic and sincere as summer and be brave to explore and seek truth; as composed and modest as autumn and be brave to face squarely gains and losses and to rise to challenges; and, as holy and elegant as winter to pursue higher morality and integrity. At last, he hoped that the graduates would live every season to the fullest and experience every aspect of life.

Afterwards, Vice Council Chair Gao Huanyue handed over the graduate roster to Vice President Feng Shiyong, head of the Alumnus Association of CUPL, signifying the graduates’ identity change from students to alumni. Finally, all faculty and students watched the graduation commemorative film Four Years together.

At the end of the ceremony, the auditorium was once again resounded with the solemn oaths. All the graduates raised their right hands again and firmly took their oaths: I voluntarily dedicate myself to the cause of politics and law, and strive for the noble socialist cause and the progress of human beings for the rest of my life! Happy graduation and best wishes to all the graduates! Wish you every success! CUPL will always look forward to seeing you again!