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CUPL Holds the Second Symposium on Anti-Monopoly in the Platform Economy

On March 22, the Second Symposium on Anti-Monopoly in the Platform Economy was held by the Center for Competition Law and the Research Institute of International Economic Law of the School of International Law, CUPL. Over 60 well-known law and economic experts and practitioners from universities across the country attended the symposium. The symposium covered two topics, i.e. “Innovative Considerations for Antitrust Enforcement in the Platform Economy” and “How to Implement Innovative Analysis in the Amendments and Enforcement of the Anti-monopoly Law”.

Vice President Shi Jianzhong spoke at the symposium that innovation helped to enhance the level of competition, competition was the guarantee of continuous innovation, and the dividends of competition and innovation should be shared by consumers. Vice President Shi added that platform companies blended economies of scale and economies of scope, their relevant market definition had atypical characteristics, and their monopolies were characterized by atypical behaviors. Shi concluded that the basic position towards anti-monopoly in the platform economy was to refine and categorize problems and to adopt rational analytical tools and methods.