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“Hundred Flowers Grants” Initiated by Four Alumni of 1999

In the morning of December 21, the donation ceremony of "Hundred Flowers Grants" was held in the conference room on the third floor of the main building at the Changping Campus. Zhong Ping and Tan Yaoqi, representatives of the donating alumni of 1999, Feng Shiyong, CUPL Vice President and President of CUPL Alumni Association, as well as heads of schools and administrative offices attended the donation ceremony.

The one million yuan "Hundred Flowers Grants” was donated by four alumni, including Zhong Ping, Chairman of the Logical English Culture Media (Hainan) Co., Ltd., Tan Yaoqi, CEO of  Shenzhen Xiandong Technology Co., Ltd., Cheng Yunfeng, Chairman of  Lehe Food Group Co. Ltd., and Cheng Yamin, Department Head of Chang'an International Trust Co., Ltd. The grants will be given to students from the School of Foreign Studies, Business School and the School of Sociology, who come from disadvantaged families and are both academically and morally outstanding.