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Ten CUPL Projects Approved by the NSSF and MOE

Recently, the list of projects approved by the Major Program of the National Social Science Fund in 2020 was released, including three projects of CUPL. To date, CUPL has won nine projects supported by the Major Program of the National Social Science Foundation and one project supported by the Key Program for Philosophy and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education Foundation in 2020. Among the CUPL projects approved, there are six National Social Science Fund Projects on the study of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, ranking the second nationwide. In addition, in 2020, CUPL has won 43 National Social Science Fund Projects, and the total number of national-level scientific research projects has reached 47. Compared with 2019, CUPL has achieved a year-on-year growth in both quantity and quality of approved national projects.