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CUPL Wins the Five-A-Side Football Championship Again

On December 5, CUPL women’s football team met their opponent from Tsinghua University in the final round of the 2020 Capital College Students’ Five-A-Side Football Championship. The championship was held at the football pitch of Beijing Wuzi University. The first half was highly intense. In the second half, the CUPL team broke the deadlock with their excellent individual capacity and perfect cooperation. CUPL team finally defeated Tsinghua team with a score of 1:0 and won the championship.

In the first round of the championship, CUPL defeated Beijing Foreign Studies University with a score of 2:0. CUPL women’s football team were not at all complacent or slack about their first win. Through review and reflection, the team found out that the players hadn’t jumped out of the inertia of the eleven-a-side game that just ended, and that the victory was due to players’ individual capacity instead of teamwork. In the second week’s training, the players adjusted consciously and played some wonderful tactical cooperation. The team beat Peking University 4:2 in the second round, gained a 3:0 win against Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture at the first knockout round, and another 3:0 win against Beijing Jiaotong University at the second knockout round. During the semi-final, CUPL defeated Beijing Wuzi University 3:0. Finally, CUPL claimed championship with a victory of 1:0 over Tsinghua in the final round.

The women's football team of CUPL is a team with a glorious history and remarkable achievements. The team has been established for more than 30 years and now has nearly 40 players. The current coaches are Wang Wei and Zhang Yu. Zhao Dongsheng, a former coach of the women's football team still cared for the development of the team and returned to school to give guidance.