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Seminar on “Chinese Legal Traditions and Creative Conversion” Held

On November 28, the Legal History Research Institute, a key research base for humanities and social sciences established by the Ministry of Education, successfully held the seminar on “Chinese Legal Traditions and Creative Conversion” in Beijing. The seminar was held both online and offline.

The seminar was moderated by Prof. Zhang Zhongqiu from the Legal History Research Institute. Gao Huanyue, Vice Chair of CUPL Council, and Prof. Zhang Sheng, President of China Institute of Legal History (CILA), delivered speeches. Zhang Jinfan, tenured professor of CUPL and Honorary President of the Legal History Research Institute, delivered a video keynote speech on “Chinese Legal Tradition and Creative Conversion” . In his speech, Prof. Zhang illustrated the unified relationship among good laws, good governance and good officials, and highlighted the important value of harmony and traditional cultural gene in the Chinese legal history. More than 160 experts and scholars from eight universities and institutes attended this seminar and 57 academic papers had been collected. In the seminar, 19 scholars delivered keynote speeches or made reports, and 13 experts conducted academic reviews.