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Professor Ma Huaide awarded “Rule of Law Figure of Year 2020”

On November 27, the Awards Ceremony of “Figures of Year 2020” sponsored by China Newsweek was held in Beijing. Ma Huaide, President of China University of Political Science and Law, was awarded “Rule of Law Figure of Year 2020”.

Chen Lujun, President of China News Service, mentioned in his speech that, “there are some people who are loyal to their hearts and diligent in their exploration. Even their one little step forward is enough to cheer us up. Having traveled through 12 years, the precious annual lists of “Figures of the Year” form a miniature of the history of changes and endeavors of China’s economy and society”.

Since 2008, when China Newsweek first launched the selection of “China Figures of the Year”, the event has been held for 12 successive years. In the end of each year, China Newsweek would come up with a list of Annual Figures to appreciate outstanding contributors in all fields, to record the development of China, and to influence people living in the era. The list covers many fields, including the rule of law, economy, culture, sports, technology, public welfare, performance, and so on.