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Opening Ceremony of the 5th CUPL Postgraduate Leadership Training Camp Held

On November 15, the opening ceremony of the 5th CUPL Postgraduate Leadership Training Camp, jointly organized by the Organization Office, the Office of Postgraduate Affairs, and the Youth League Committee of CUPL, was held at the Xueyuanlu Campus of CUPL. Prof. Li Xiuyun, Vice President of CUPL, attended the ceremony. Heads of relevant administrative offices of CUPL, as well as members of the 5th Postgraduate Leadership Training Camp and representatives of the 4th Postgraduate Leadership Training Camp also attended the opening ceremony. The event was moderated by Zhang Yongran, Director of the Office of Postgraduate Affairs.

As an alumnus of 1981, Vice President Li reviewed the outstanding faculty and the spirit of the students as well as the history of CUPL since its establishment in 1954 in her speech “The History of CUPL and the Tradition of the Rule of Law Spirit”. She pointed out that, since the establishment of CUPL in 1954, the fate of the university has been closely linked with the fate of the rule of law in China. In our history, there has always been a dedicated team of teachers who devote themselves to the university, the students and education, and who embrace the academic pursuit and faith. Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, CUPL has always contributed to the advancement of the rule of law in China, the formulation and amendments of laws and regulations at all levels, and cultivation of a large number of legal talents for the national rule of law construction.