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Nine CUPL Courses Listed as National-Level First-Class Undergraduate Courses

Recently, the Ministry of Education (MOE) made public the list of the first batch of national-level first-class undergraduate courses. Nine courses of CUPL, including the Methodology of Jurisprudence, the Criminal Psychology, the Introduction to Zhouyi, the History of Chinese Law, Seminar on the History of Chinese Law, the Principles of Political Science, the Theory of Knowledge, the Microeconomics, and the Criminal Law Clinic, were selected as national-level first-class undergraduate courses. Among them, there are three online courses, five offline courses, and one practice course.

According to the goals of undergraduate teaching in CUPL and MOE documents, since 2018, CUPL has been pushing forward the “curricular revolution”, and successively launched programs such as “Seed Classes” and “Quality Online Courses”. CUPL also developed “Customized Teaching Software”, constructed the “Star Space”, i.e. CUPL’s class teaching base, and made more frequent use of wisdom classrooms; in addition, the university comprehensively carried out online undergraduate teaching, and probed the reform of IT application in evaluation. In 2020, CUPL released the Methods for Building and Managing First-Class Undergraduate Courses in CUPL, which contributed to and regulated the building of first-class undergraduate courses. This document aims to establish new ideas of curricular courses, impel curricular revolution and innovation, facilitate science-based evaluation, strengthen class management, guarantee undergraduate courses taught by professors, improve teaching units, teaching capacities, and quality-oriented incentive mechanism, as well as diversify teaching content and form a multi-type curricular structure. CUPL will set these nine first-class undergraduate courses as benchmark for curricular courses, continuously improve curricular design and education quality.