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The 2020 CUPL Freshmen Track & Field Meet Held Successfully

In the morning of October 31, the 2020 CUPL Freshmen Track & Field Meet was successfully held at the Changping Campus. Hu Ming, Council Chair of CUPL, and Vice Presidents of CUPL, Feng Shiyong, Li Shuangchen, and Li Xiuyun, attended the opening ceremony. Heads of relevant offices, undergraduate athletes of class 2020 and student representatives joined the opening ceremony.


During the competition, the athletes competed and strived for excellence, demonstrating the youthful vigor of the CUPL students. event staff maintained order of the sports meet and provided high quality assistance to the athletes and guarantee for their achievements; the spectators were waving flags and shouting, forming a beautiful scenery; the students’ solidarity and friendship fully reflected the spirit of unity and fair competition, showed the graceful demeanor of the CUPL students. Eventually, the School of Civil, Commercial and Economic Law, the School of International Law and the School of Criminal Justice won the top three places in group A, while the School of Foreign Studies, the School of Sociology and the School of International Studies won the top three places in group B. The School of Law, the School of Political Science and Public Administration, the School of Business, the School of Humanities, the Guangming School of Journalism and Communication, the School of Information Management for Law and the School of Marxism won the Sports Ethic Awards.