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CI at Barbados Successfully Holds the Barbadian Preliminary Round of the 19th "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition


In the morning of May 21, the Barbadian preliminary round of 19th "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students, sponsored by the Chinese Embassy in Barbados and organized by the Confucius Institute at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies, Barbados (the CI at Barbados), was successfully held online.



Mr. Zou Xi, Political Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Barbados, Ms. Christianne Walcott, Administrative Officer of the University of West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill, Mr. Daniel Hinds, Creative Industry Consultant of Association for Barbados-China Friendship (ABCF), Dr. Che Corbin, President of the Barbados China Returned Scholars Association, Mr. Christopher Lee, Public Relations Officer of the Chinese Association of Barbados, and Mr. Zhou Junkun, President of the Overseas Chinese Association in Barbados attended the event and served as judges.

Over 30 participants attended the competition, including Mr. David Bulbulia, foreign Co-Director of the CI at Barbados, Dr. Li Renyan, Chinese Co-Director of the CI at Barbados, all Chinese language teaching staff, four contestants and other Chinese culture lovers.


The judges and contestants)

Mr. David Bulbulia delivered a welcome address. He said that the Confucius Institute had held online teaching and cultural activities for many times since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and wished the first Online Chinese Bridge Competition in Barbados a complete success.

The competition was moderated by Peng Farui. a volunteer Chinese teacher. The four contestants stepped onto the "stage" one by one on the screen and participated in the three-session competition of Chinese speech, knowledge quiz, and talent show.

In the Chinese speech session, the contestants talked about their understanding of "Tian Xia Yi Jia" (all under heaven are of one family). They talked about their own experience of learning Chinese, about the differences between Chinese and Western languages and cultures, and looked forward to the future of learning Chinese. The contestants did not study Chinese for a long time so that it was very difficult for them to speak fluent Chinese. The audience and judges frequently gave them encouragement by nodding or clapping hands.

In the knowledge quiz session, the contestants responded fluently and appeared very confident. It can be seen that they are very familiar with China's national conditions and basic knowledge of Chinese culture.

What attracted the audience the most was the talent show session. Chinese songs, calligraphy and poetry recitations performed by the contestants were all very exciting. The contestants used their talents to express their understanding and love of Chinese culture.

Joshua sang the Chinese song “Gu Shi” (story). According to the rules of the competition, he recorded a live video broadcast, the novel creativity, familiar scenes and beautiful singing voice were very moving.

Saffire and Charlene both chose calligraphy for their talent show. Saffire wrote an entire Tang poem, and it can be seen that she put a lot of effort into it. Charlene wrote the two words “Ren Ci” (kindness) with writing brush and also explained the meaning of them.

Patra, dressed in national costume, vividly recited the Tang dynasty poem "Wang Yue Huai Yuan " (Looking at the Moon and Thinking of One Far Away) with gusto.

After this intense competition, Patra won the first prize and Saffire won the second prize. They both will represent Barbados division to participate in the 19th "Chinese Bridge" competition in China.

Mr. Zou Xi, counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Barbados, delivered a closing speech. He congratulated all the contestants on their achievements, expressed his satisfaction with the successful completion of the Barbadian preliminary round of the Chinese Bridge competition and affirmed the meticulous and solid work of Confucius Institute.

The successful holding of this online Chinese Bridge competition has once again inspired Barbados college students to learn Chinese. The annual Chinese Bridge Competition has become an important platform for Barbados college students and other Barbadians to learn the Chinese language and to understand Chinese culture.


(Group Photo of all participants of the competition)