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The 2019 Postgraduate Freshmen Opening Ceremony Held in CUPL

On September 4, China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) held the Opening Ceremony and Orientation for the new postgraduate freshmen at the Beijing University Student Gymnasium. President Ma Huaide, Vice President Feng Shiyong, Council Vice-Chair Gang Wenzhe, Council Vice-Chair Gao Huanyue, Vice President Shi Jianzhong, and Council Vice-Chair & Vice-President Chang Baoguo attended the ceremony. Deans of Schools, representative of graduate student supervisors and all freshmen attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Professor Chang Baoguo.


At 8: 30 a.m., the opening ceremony began with the solemn national anthem. Yang Xiuqing, Professor of Civil, Commercial and Economic Law School of CUPL, spoke as a faculty representative. She first welcomed the postgraduate freshmen of Grade 2019 to CUPL. She hoped all freshmen could cherish their school-days, set forth clear goals, spend more time in reading and participate in academic exchanges to acquire knowledge, as well as strengthen their bodies and broaden their academic horizon so as to become qualified postgraduate students. Peng Ze, postgraduate of Grade 2018 from Business School and Yuan Ruiting, freshman of Grade 2019 from China-EU School of Law respectively spoke as representatives of postgraduates and postgraduate freshmen of Grade 2019.

At the ceremony, President Ma Huaide delivered a speech on the theme of “seeking true knowledge and practicing true skills”. President Ma expressed his sincere congratulations and warm welcome to all freshmen on behalf of CUPL.

President Ma reviewed the 67-year history of CUPL. He said that CUPL had always dedicated its heart and soul to advancing the rule of law construction of our country, and CUPLers also devoted all their efforts and wisdom to the cultivation of legal talents with difficulties and hardships. Throughout the history of CUPL, a large number of respectable scholars had devoted themselves to learning, as well as to teaching and educating people. With extraordinary wisdom, they had trained a large number of outstanding talents for the construction of the rule of law in China and their efforts had added to the brilliance of the University. All of them are respectable teachers with true love, knowledge and ability.

President Ma hoped that CUPL students would inherit the spirit and mission of “governance by law, benefiting the people and the nation” with self-confident, self-discipline and self-reflection so as to acquire true knowledge and practice their true abilities.


Then, administrative departments of CUPL provided orientation education for all freshmen.