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Vice President Ma Huaide Meets the Universität Siegen Delegation

In the morning of April 9, Vice President Prof. Ma Huaide met with Ulf Richter, Rector of Universität Siegen, Hanna Schramm-Klein, Vice President of Universität Siegen and the Universität Siegen delegation.

Prof. Ma first extended a warm welcome to Rector Ulf Richter and his delegation for their visit and then briefed them on CUPL, including its history, curriculum, ranking and international programs. In particular, he pointed out the remarkable achievements of China-EU School of Law and China-Germany School of Law of CUPL in the field of China-Germany cooperation. Then, he introduced in detail the situation of the Chinese Project Office of German Universities, which was set up jointly by CUPL and German counterparts, such as Universität Siegen, Union of North Wisconsin Universities and the Union of Bavarian Universities. Prof. Ma said that the establishment of the office would actively promote educational and cultural exchanges between China and Germany and would facilitate the high-level people-to-people exchange mechanism between the two countries. The visit of Rector and Vice President of Universität Siegen would be a new starting point for exchanges and cooperation between the two universities, and would be of great significance for promoting cooperation between CUPL and other German universities. In addition, Prof. Ma pointed out that international cooperation between the two universities should focus on exchanges between teachers and students. CUPL hoped that the two sides could carry out more cooperation and exchanges in the fields of joint degree programs, exchange, summer programs, short-term exchange of teachers and academic visits.

Rector Ulf Richter appreciated the warm reception and hospitality from CUPL and spoke highly of the academic positioning and achievements of CUPL. Then, he introduced in detail the enrollment and structure of Universität Siegen as well as the highlights of teaching and scientific research. He pointed out that since the establishment of Universität Siegen in 1972, it has focused on the cutting-edge interdisciplinary studies. The university has achieved outstanding results in the research fields of media, science and technology, life science and so on. He hoped that Universität Siegen and CUPL could further deepen the existing cooperation by exploring research areas of mutual interests as the starting point.

Prof. Ma endorsed the idea of Ulf Richter, expressing that CUPL also emphasized the training of interdisciplinary talents and scientific research. The distinctive disciplines of Guangming School of Journalism and Communication and Institute of Evidence Law and Forensic Science of CUPL had made remarkable contributions to the study of new technologies and frontier issues such as Internet and new media, rule-of-law news, big data, artificial intelligence, gene and life science from the perspective of law and the interdisciplinary studies. He believed that Universität Siegen and CUPL would be able to expand the scope and depth of the practical bilateral cooperation in the future.

Other members of the delegation included Katharina Sommer, Director of the Department of Student Affairs, Office of International Cooperation, Frederic Nimmermann, Lecturer of School of Economic Information Law, and Xu Rong, Director of Chinese Office from the Universität Siegen. Prof. Xu Lan, Director of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange of CUPL, and Mr. Lyu Yong, Deputy Director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange also attended the meeting. The Universität Siegen delegation also held discussions respectively with representatives of the School of Marxism and the School of Foreign Languages of CUPL on disciplinary cooperation.