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Council Chair Hu Ming Visits Romania, the Netherlands and Norway

From November 23 to December 2, CUPL Delegation headed by Council Chair Hu Ming visited renowned universities and international organizations in Romania, the Netherlands and Norway. The visit aimed at strengthening the global reputation of CUPL, promoting the Chinese language overseas, increasing efforts to cultivate talents for international organizations, and advancing the internationalization strategy of meeting the“double first-tier” standard.

During the stay in Romania, the Delegationwas invited to visitUniversity of Bucharest (UB) and Romanian-American University (RAU). The delegation also attended the 6th Board Meeting of the Confucius Institute at UB (the CI at UB)as well as the opening ceremony of a seminar on The Modernization of China: the Past and the Present.

In the afternoon of November 23, CUPL Council Chair Hu Ming attended the 6th Board Meeting together with, Mircea Dumitru, Rector of UB, Marian Preda, President of the Senate of UB, Luminita Balan, Romanian Co-Director of the CI at UB, and Dong Jingbo, Chinese Co-Director of the CI at UB.The board reviewed the achievements made by the CI of UB in the past five years,the 2018 work report and the 2019 work plan. The board also exchanged viewed on proposals onfuture developments. Then, Prof. Hu Ming and Dumitru exchanged views on bilateral cooperation in teaching and studies of law, politics, philosophy and literature, as well as reached consensuses on programs of students and faculty exchanges, andthe renewal of the Areement between China University of Political Science and Law and University of Bucharest. Afterwards, Hu Ming, on behalf of CUPL, presentedthe calligraphy works of Prof. Li Xiwen as a gift to honor the fifth anniversary of the CI at UB and as a wish for the bilateral cooperation to score even greater success.

(Council Chair Hu Ming addressing the opening ceremony of the seminar onThe Modernization of China: the Past and the Present)

In the morning of November 24, Council Chair Hu Ming, together with Mircea Dumitru and Zhang Jian, Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Romania, attended the opening ceremony of seminar on The Modernization of China: the Past and the Present. In his opening remarks, Council Chair Hu said that, with the concerted efforts of UB and its Chinese Department, the CI at UB has progressed into a fine research-oriented CI and has won the “2017 Confucius Institute of the Year”. He also assured the continuous support for the development of the CI in future, and hoped to further advance China-Romania cooperation in higher education through the platform. Dumitru also congratulated the CI for the progresses it has achieved, appreciated those who have dedicated to its success, and awarded Dong Jingbo the “Excellent Staff Award”.

      In the afternoon of November 24, the delegation was invited to visit RAU and was warmly received by Prof. Ovidiu Folcuț, Rector of RAU, and Valeriu Potecea, Vice Rector of RAU. During the meeting, Council Chair Hu Ming mentioned that, though this was the first visit of CUPL delegation to RAU, CUPL has sent volunteers to assist in Chinese language teaching for the CI teaching spot in RAU, and we have received representatives from RAU when the Romanian Educator Delegation visited the Xueyuanlu Campus of CUPL not long ago. Undoubtedly, this meeting would further mutual understanding. The two sides also exchanged views on various aspects and reached initial consensuses on students and faculty exchange and the Erasmus plus program. The two parties then signed an agreement which marked the establishment of bilateral partnership between CUPL and RAU.

(Signing agreements of CUPL and RAU)

In the Netherlands, the delegation visited Leiden University (LEI) and Erasmus University Rotterdam, and called on Judge Xue Hanqin, Vice-President of the International Court of Justice (ICJ, UN).

On November 27, Prof. Carel Stolker, Rector of LEI, met with Council Chair Hu Ming. The two sides reviewed the fruitful bilateral cooperation and expressed good hopes for CUPL alumniwho have finished their studies at LEI and returned to work in CUPL. Council Chair Hu Ming expressed the hope to expand cooperation scale, and invited Prof. Stolker to visit and teach in CUPL. Then,the two parties exchanged views on establishing the training program of talents for international organization, as well as renewed the MOU between CUPL and LEI. The two universities also signed the Student Exchange Agreement.

(Signing ceremony of CUPL and LEI)

On November 28, the CUPL delegation met with Prof. Rutger Engels, Rector of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). During the meeting, Council Chair Hu Ming said, the bilateral cooperation had yielded sound outcomes in joint training of students and exchange of faculty. For instance, Prof. Michael Faure was admitted as the Overseas Senior Expert by the Chinese Ministry of Education to work in the School of Law and Economics in CUPL, and later as Chair of Academic Committee of the school. In April this year, CUPL and EUR renewed the agreement to further advance cooperate in student exchange, short-term visit of faculty and co-hosting symposiums, etc. Then, the delegation met with CUPL undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral candidates studying in EUR. The delegation encouraged the students to improve professional skills and broaden horizons during the exchange program. In the afternoon, the delegation called upon Judge Xue Hanqin, Vice-President of ICJ. Mr. Xue mentioned his visit to CUPL together with President of ICJ in 2016. He also introduced the history, functions and procedures of ICJ to the delegation, and encouraged more Chinese students to dedicate themselves to the practice of International Law.

(Group photo of the delegation with Rector of Erasmus University Rotterdam)

During the stay in Norway, the delegation visited University of Bergen (UiB),the Law School of UiB, and the CI at Bergen. On November 30, the delegation met with Prof. Annelin Eriksen, Vice-Rector of UiB, Prof. Bjørg Kristin Selvik, Vice-Rector of Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) and Board Member of the CI at Bergen, Mr. Rita Aud Tveiten and Mr. Asbjørn Strandbakken, Board Member of the CI at Bergen, Mr. Rune Ingebrigtsen, the Norwegian Co-Director of the CI at Bergen, and Prof. Karl Harald Søvik, Dean of Law School of UiB respectively. In the meetings, Council Chair Hu Ming said, the parties have continuously enhanced mutual trust in the previous contacts and cooperation. July this year witnessed the signing of the Agreement on Co-operating the Confucius Institute at Bergen between UiB, HVL and the CI Headquarters, marking the official concession of CUPL as a co-operator of the CI at Bergen together with Chinese and Norwegian partner universities for further development of the CI. CUPL hoped that the CI at Bergen would thrive on bilateral cultural exchanges, and CUPL stood ready to deepen mutual understanding in the legal education and legal system of both countries, as well as to contribute more to enhancing friendly ties between the two countries. The CUPL delegation then exchanged views with UiB partners and reached initial agreement on the Implementation Agreement on the Co-operation of the CI at Bergen. Mr. Eriksen said, UiB had attached great importance to cooperation with China and had made a plan named “China Action 2018-2022”. UiB hoped to further bilateral cooperation in exchange of students, faculty and administrative staff, and to expand the scope of cooperation in teaching and researches of humanities and social sciences through the  CI.

(Group photo of the delegation with Vice Rector of Bergen University)

During the visit, the delegation also paid a visit to Mr. Meng Qingyu, Education Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands and talked with representatives of Chinese students who are pursuing law degrees in the Netherlands.

Ms. Liu Linlin, Deputy Head of the Publicity Department, Prof. Xu Lan, Director of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Prof. Zhu Lijiang, Vice Dean of the School of International Law, Wang Qingbin, Deputy Director of the Academic Research Office, and Gao Fei, Staff of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange accompanied Council Chari Hu Ming during the visits.