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Presentation on CUPL’s Overseas Projects for Postgraduates and the Debutof Global Learning Management Platform Successfully Held

On 21 September,thepresentation on CUPL’s overseasprojects for postgraduates inacademic year 2019-2020school year and the releasedebutof Global Learning Management Platformwere successfully held inthe XueyuanLlu campus.Prof. Ma Huaide, Vice President of CUPL and Liu Chao, Deputy Director of Europe, Asia and Africa Department of China Scholarship Council attended the event. ThisTheevent is co-organisedchairedby the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange/ the Office of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs, Graduate School andthe Office of Confucius Institute of CUPL. AlmostSome200hundred students took part in the event. The event is, which washosted moderatedbyProf. Xu Lan, Director of the Office of International Cooperation and ExchangeInternational Office.

At the releasedebut ceremony of the platform,Prof. MaHuaide representing the university commenced commencedthe Global Learning Management Platform and initiated the first program,i.e. the exchange program for postgraduates of CUPL to study in University of California, Berkeley in the spring semester in 2019. In his speech, heProf. Ma pointed out that CUPL attached great importance to international school strategydevelopment. Under the strong support of the higher education departmentscentral governmentdepartments and relevant institutions, such as the Ministry of Education and the China Scholarship Council, CUPL hashad alreadyestablished partnership with 247 well-known universities, research institutions and international organizations in 50 countries and regions.Every year, more than 1,000 teachers and students go abroad for further education through various projects. The internationalization of the school has also enteredinto a new stage.Prof. MaHuaide indicated that CUPL would continue to make best use of resources. Including funding and grantsfrom China Scholarship Council, and“Double First-Class” construction fund, toand help send more outstanding studentsof CUPL to study and communicatetostudy and take part in exchange programs inwithleading universities and important international organizations. He hoped thatCUPL students could dream big, plan ahead, actively apply for projects and cherish opportunities,so as totorealize the dream of studying abroad as soon as possible.

(Vice PresidentMa Huaidegavegivesa welcome speech)

With the title of “Understanding the overseas programs organized by CSC”, Liu Chaogave a speech with the title of “Understanding the overseas programs organized by CSC”, in which he explained in detail the national grants for exchange studentsoverall situation in 2018, the selection plan in 2019, project category, work flowapplication proceduresand precautionsgives tip on application.Combined with eHe also gave many examples, he a to analyzedthe problemscommon errorsas well as countermeasuresthat were very easy to appear in important aspectsduring applicationsuch as project application and early contact.and communication.

Then,Mr.LuLyuYong,Prof. Xiao Baoxing,Ms. LiDandanrespectivelyintroduced the overall situation, program channel and application process of overseas programs for postgraduates in CUPL,including the application, approval and common questionsFAQsof programs financially supported by China Scholarship Council as well as the volunteer programaiming for Chinese teachersorganized by Confucius Institute.

In the Q&A session, the responsible personsstaffof the relevant departments of CUPLpatiently answered tookthe questions raised bythe students in detail.It is reported that CUPL wouldwillhold a lecture for undergraduates at the Changping Campus at noonin the noonon ofOctober 16th.

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Introduction to CUPL's "Global Learning Management Platform"

CUPL's "Global Learning Management Platform"(website:http://globalstudy.cupl.edu.cn/) is the first no-paperpaperless, one-stop service management platform in CUPL to providewhole school students witha variety of servicesincluding studying abroad information inquiry, application for programs, dispatch management, return management and so on. It works both at a personal computer and a phone, aiming to improve the information management level, work efficiency and service quality of our overseas students' projects in an all-round way.