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CUPL and Hitotsubashi University Signs Multiple Agreements

In the morning of September 3rd, Prof. Gao Huanyue, Council Vice-Chair of CUPL met with a delegation from Hitotsubashi University (HU). The delegation was headed by Tadano Masahito, Dean of School of Law. The two parties signed three cooperation agreements, including the Memorandum of Understanding between CUPL and Law and HU, marking the official establishment of the collaborative partnerships.

(CUPL and HU Signed Multiple Agreements)

Prof. Gao Huanyue first welcomed Tadano Masahito and his delegation to CUPL. She then introduced CUPL to the delegation, including history, disciplines, the number of enrolled students and faculties, internationalization, and in particular, partnerships with top universities in Japan. Prof. Gao said, though it was the first meeting between CUPL and Tadano Masahito, the two sides had developed a cordial feeling. Prof. Wang Yunhai, one member of the HU delegation, is an alumnus of CUPL; Guo Chen and Shi Mingzhou, Faculty of CUPL, acquired their doctoral degrees from HU. This shows the close connection between the two universities. With the signing of the collaborative agreements, as the result of the unremitting efforts of staffs from the two universities, more substantial cooperation on exchange of students and faculty members, academic exchanges and cooperation will be ensured. CUPL welcomes faculty members and students of HU to visit, lecture and study in CUPL.

Prof. Tadano Masahito extended gratitude to CUPL for the warm hospitality. He said that bilateral interactions in the past had provided a foundation for cooperation in the future. He felt proud that his students had joined the faculty of CUPL. He also said that forging new partnership with CUPL was indeed encouraging and HU would actively support this mutually beneficial cooperation based on existing agreements. Prof. Tadano Masahito also gave more details of HU, including history, discipline, number of students, including foreign students.

After the meeting, Prof. Gao Huanyue and Prof. Tadano Masahito exchanged the collaborative agreements.

Other Japanese guests included Prof. Taro Kogayu,Director of HU Graduate School of Law (HUGSL), Prof. Wang Yunhai of HUGSL, Prof. Hitoshi Aoki, Director of HU Asian Center in China and his assistant Mr. Jia Shen. Prof. Xu Lan, Director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Prof. Chen Jingshan, Associated Editor of Journal of CUPL, Mr. Lyu Yong, Deputy Director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Prof. Li Jianwei, Associate Director of the Institute of Commercial Law (Civil, Commercial and Economic Law School), Dr. Guo Chen, Assistant Professor of Law School, and Dr. Shi Mingzhou, Assistant Professor of Civil, Commercial and Economic Law School also attended the meeting.

Before the meeting, Prof. Taro Kogayu gave a lecture “Comments on the Revisions of Japanese Company Law”. Prof. Li Jianwei, Prof. Chen Jingshan and Dr. Shi Mingzhou attended the academic discussion.


Hitotsubashi University, established in 1875, is a national university located in Tokyo, Japan. It is the only university in Japan to specialize exclusively in humanities and social sciences. Since its foundation, HU has been at the forefront of Japan's innovation. It has been a powerhouse for generations of Japan’s globally active business leaders as well as a research hub producing cutting-edge researches in the global academic network of the social sciences.

HU is made up of 11 principal academic units - four faculties, six graduate schools and one institute.

   Commerce and Management (Faculty)

   Business Administration (Graduate School)

   Economics (Faculty, Graduate School)

   Law (Faculty, Graduate School)

   Social Sciences (Faculty, Graduate School)

   Language and Society (Graduate School)

   International and Public Policy (School)

   Institute of Economic Research

HU now has about 670 faculty members, 4400 undergraduate students, 2000 graduate and professional students and 700 international students enrolled. HU was the first Japanese university to adopt a seminar system. Japan's education system unavoidably emphasizes mass education, but all Hitotsubashi students are required to participate in small-group seminars (7 or 8 students).

HU has signed collaborative agreements with more than 60 top universities in the world, including University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California at Berkeley, University of Melbourne, University of Auckland, Oxford University, London School of Economics and Political Science, etc. In China, HU has established partnerships with Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University of China, etc.

HU ranks 456th in QS World University Rankings in 2019.