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The First CUPL International Staff Exchange Week Successfully Held at CUPL

On the morning of June 25, the opening ceremony of the First CUPL International Staff Exchange Week was held in the Xueyuanlu Campus of CUPL. 14 international staff members from 12 prestigious universities in 11 countries attended the event, i.e. University of Montreal in Canada, University College Dublin in Ireland, Tel Aviv University in Israel, University of Bologna in Italy, University of Malaya in Malaysia, University of Bergen in Norway, University of Bucharest in Romania, National Research University Higher School of Economics in Russia, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, Lund University in Sweden, Stockholm University in Sweden and University of California, Los Angeles in the USA. On behalf of CUPL, Prof. MA Huaide, the Vice President of CUPL, presented at the ceremony.

(Group Photo of Participants)

Prof. MA expressed his warm welcome to all the participants. Then, he made a detailed introduction to CUPL’s history, scale, disciplines, academic research, talent cultivation and advantages, with the emphasis on CUPL’s significant contributions to the rule of law, the implementation responding to “Double First-Class” initiative and the outcome of Fourth China University Discipline Evaluation. He mentioned that all present institutes are world-class representative universities as well as key partners of diversified collaborations with CUPL. During the implementation phase of bilateral agreements and programs, the routine work relies mainly on the international staff team. This event intends to build the platform for mutual learning, to promote international talent mobility and academic cooperation, to promote the “Double First-Class” initiative implementation by CUPL, to accelerate the process of CUPL’s internationalization, and to bridge between the world’s prestigious universities and CUPL for cooperation. Meanwhile, Prof. MA expected that the series of seminars, lectures and official visits could help with building better understanding for participants of modernized China in continuous innovation and development.

Afterwards, Prof. Ms. XU Lan, the Director of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, made a detailed introduction to CUPL’s international strategy and recent accomplishments in aspects of high-level platform construction, strategic partnership extension and faculty/student programs categories.

On the afternoon of June 25 and 26, all representatives visited the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) and China Scholarship Council (CSC). Dr. LI Qing, the Vice Secretary-General of CSC, along with CSC’s Division of Law and Programs, Division of European Affairs and Division of Study in China, and Confucius Institute Headquarters’ Division of European Confucius Institutes, Division of American and Oceanian Confucius Institutes, Division of Asian and African Confucius Institutes and Division of International Exchanges extended their warm welcome to the representatives, and made introductions respectively to their functions, program implementation as well as future development, and had discussion in depth with the representatives regarding their concerns.

(Top: Group Photo in the Changping Campus

Bottom left: Visit to CESL

Bottom Right: Visit to CSC and Confucius Institute Headquaters)

During their stay in Beijing, the representatives attended lectures on Chinese Justice System by Prof. ZHU Weiyi from College of Comparative Law, and Chinese Political System and Modern Society by Dr. ZHANG Biao from School of Political Science and Public Administration; they also had three workshops concerning faculty/student international mobility and innovation of future cooperation mode with representatives from Law School, Civil, Commercial and Economic Law School, School of International Law, School of Political Science and Public Administration, School of International Studies and Office of International Cooperation and Exchange. Prof. KONG Qingjiang, Dean of School of International Law, Dr. XU Dan, Director of Office of International Cooperation of School of International Studies and leaders of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange hosted and attended the seminars. Moreover, the representatives had a particular meeting with China-EU School of Law in Changping Campus and visited teaching facilities such as the Smart Classroom and the Libraries.