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CUPL Delegation Visits Prestigious Universities in Canada and the United States

At the invitation of the University of Ottawa, the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of California, Los Angeles, CUPL President Huang Jin led a delegation of to visit the aforementioned universities. The visit aimed at further promoting the implementation of our university’s internationalization strategy, and deepening cooperation with world-class universities in the United States and Canada on the basis of our cooperation with famous universities in North America in the past, and accelerating our goal of becoming a “Double-First Class” university.

In the morning of May 22, President Huang and the delegation visited the University of Ottawa in Canada and signed an inter-school cooperation agreement with Jacques Fremont, President of the University of Ottawa. Other people attending the signing ceremony included Gary Slater, Vice-President of the University of Ottawa, Annick Bergeron, Secretary General of the School Administration Office, Regine Legault-Bouchard, Director of the International Exchange Division, Yang Xinyu, Educational Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Canada, and Yin Zhisong, Second Secretary. After signing the agreement, the delegation held talks with representatives of the University of Ottawa and representatives of the Faculty of Law on future cooperation. Vice-President Gary Slater presided over the talks. Ravi Malhotra, Associate Dean of the Graduate School of the University of Ottawa, Sochetra Neget, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Law, as well as some teachers attended the talks. During the talks, Vice-President Gary Slater first introduced in detail the history and characteristics of the University of Ottawa, its role in Canadian higher education, and its exchange programs with Chinese universities. Then, President Huang introduced the history, disciplines, and international cooperation of CUPL. He also put forward suggestions for future cooperation between the two universities. Subsequently, the two sides conducted detailed discussions on cooperation, undergraduate exchange programs, joint training of doctoral students, research cooperation, etc., during which many consensuses were reached. Finally, the delegation visited the newly-established “Learning Center” of the University of Ottawa.


(Huang Jin, President of CUPL and Jacques Fremont, President of Ottawa University, signed cooperation agreement between the two universities)

On May 23, the delegation visited the University of California, Berkeley. The delegation met with Catherine Koshlan, Vice-President of the university and Richard Russo, Associate Vice-President and discussed students’ cooperation projects between the two universities. Subsequently, the delegation held an informal discussion with Susan Whitman, Associate Dean of the BerkeleyLaw, and Anya Grossman, Head of the International Cooperation Office. President Huang first introduced the status of the Law School of CUPL in China, the basic situation of its legal education and research, and the cooperation between the University of California, Berkeley and CUPL. Susan Whitman introduced the basic information of the BerkeleyLaw. Anya Grossman introduced new programs for foreign undergraduate exchanges, various LL.M. programs, JSD programs, JSP programs and double masters’ programs, all of which will be conducted in the spring semester of 2019. Afterwards, the two sides discussed and reached consensus on sending CUPL students to the University of California, Berkeley to participate in the summer program and carrying out double masters’ cooperation programs. After the talks, President Huang also had a cordial talk with Guo Shihao and Li Juntao, two CUPL students now pursuing master’s degrees in the University of California, Berkeley. President Huang acquired detailed understanding of their learning, and encouraged them to study hard and made contributions to strengthening CUPL’s exchanges and cooperation with the University of California, Berkeley.


(Photo of Huang Jin, President of CUPL and Susan Whitman, Associate Dean of BerkeleyLaw, University of California, Berkeley)

On May 25, the delegation visited the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The delegation first held talks with the President’s cabinet member, Dr. Gu Lihui, Chinese Special Representative, and Jenn-Ming Yang, Associate Dean of the UCLA Environmental Science and Engineering. Jenn-Ming Yang first introduced UCLA to the delegation, including its basic schooling, faculty structure and characteristics. Then, President Huang introduced the history of CUPL, as well as its faculties and disciplines, especially the interdisciplinary subjects such as information management and information systems under the rule of law, forensic science. The two sides discussed the cooperation of emerging interdisciplinary studies and reached many consensuses.

Afterwards, the delegation met with Jennifer L. Moonkin, Dean of the UCLA Law, Lara Stemple, Associate Dean of the UCLA Law, Vic Telesino, Director of the Graduate Admissions Office at the UCLA Law, Prof. Peter L. Reich, Kal Raustialia, Director of the Institute of International Relations and Vice-President of the American Society of International Law, as well as Grant Gilreath, Attorney in Entertainment Law and Commercial Law. Jennifer L. Moonkin extended sincere welcome to the CUPL delegation and introduced the basic situation of its cooperation with CUPL. President Huang introduced the current situation of legal education in China, especially the characteristics and recent developments of legal studies in CUPL and the cooperation between CUPL and North American universities. He stated that he hoped to establish a double legal masters’ degree program with UCLA. Also, President Huang sincerely invited professors from UCLA to participate in international summer courses of CUPL. He believed that this visit will definitely help further improve the cooperation in the field of legal education between UCLA and CUPL. Lara Stemple highlighted the LL.M. program of the UCLA Law, which is one of UCLA Law’s highlights of international cooperation and exchanges with China, especially with CUPL. She highly praised the CUPL students currently studying in UCLA and hoped that more CUPL students will come to study at UCLA. Reich briefly introduced the recent development of legal education in the United States. The two sides reached many consensuses on future cooperation.


(The delegation met with representatives of the UCLA Law)

In the afternoon of May 25, the delegation visited the UCLA Extension School. President Huang Jin, on behalf of CUPL, signed a cooperation agreement with the UCLA Extension School. Subsequently, the delegation held discussions with Wayne Smutz, Dean of the School, and Patrick Colabucci, Associate Dean of the School. President Huang introduced international education, continuing education, various trainings and online courses of CUPL and asked the other party in detail about the operation mechanism, courses and management system of the Extension School. He hoped that the signing of this cooperation agreement would become the starting point for in-depth cooperation in international education and continuing education between the UCLA Extension School and CUPL. Wayne Smutz introduced the school’s history, philosophy, mission and characteristics. The two parties discussed and reached consensus on cooperation projects such as faculty training and online course development between CUPL and the UCLA Extension School.


(President Huang Jin signed a cooperation agreement with Wayne Smutz, Dean of the UCLA Extension School)

During the visit, President Huang Jin also called on Mr. Lu Shaye, Chinese Ambassador to Canada, and had a friendly and cordial exchange on the training of legal talents, and exchanges and cooperation between CUPL and the universities in North American. On May 24, the delegation paid a courtesy call to the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco and held talks with Luo Linquan, Ambassador Consul General, Yang Jun, Education Counselor, Li Renzhu, First Secretary of the Education Team, and Zhang Liqing, First Secretary of the Visa Team. President Huang first introduced Luo Linquan to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s investigation in CUPL on May 3, 2017 and the measures taken by CUPL to implement the important speech of the General Secretary Xi over the past year, and informed the basic situation of international cooperation between CUPL and American universities as well as the achievements of the delegation’s visit. Luo Linquan pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping’s investigation in CUPL indicated that the CPC Central Committee fully recognized the achievements of CUPL in the past more than 60 years. He expressed sincere congratulations on the fruitful results achieved by the delegation during this visit. The two sides then exchanged in-depth views on the profound connotation and significance of the important speech by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his investigation in CUPL, as well as the cooperation and exchanges between CUPL and world-class universities in San Francisco. During the visit to Los Angeles, the delegation also met with CUPL alumni in Los Angeles. President Huang expressed his appreciation to the alumni for their achievements in various fields in the United States and encouraged them to continue their efforts. In addition, he hoped that CUPL alumni would maintain close contact with their alma mater - CUPL, care for its development and always remember the popular saying among CUPL graduates, i.e. “wherever I am, I am the representative of CUPL”. President Huang Jin also said that CUPL will, as always, support and unite its overseas alumni. 

Other people accompanying President Huang during the visit included Lu Chunlong, Director of the Academic Office of CUPL, Wu Ping, Director of the Personnel Office of CUPL, Huo Zhengxin, Association Dean of the School of International Law at CUPL, Zhu Weiyi, Professor of the Comparative Law School, and Xu Lan, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office.