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The Donation Ceremony of the Honorable Mr. Justice Patrick Chan Siu-oi Grants Held at CUPL

        In the afternoon of April 20, the donation ceremony of The Honorable Mr. Justice Patrick Chan Grants was held at the Changping Campus of CUPL. Distinguished Professor Patrick Chan, non-permanent judge of the Court of Final Appeal (Hong Kong), Director of the Research Center on the Law of Hong Kong of CUPL, and his wife, as well as Council Chair Prof. Hu Ming of CUPL and heads of related schools and departments attended the donation ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Xu Lan, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of CUPL.
        Prof. Hu Ming stated that Mr. Justice Patrick Chan had made great contributions to the development of legal education in CUPL, not only by helping the students broaden their academic horizon, but also by setting an excellent role model for the faculty with his diligence towards legal studies and research. Prof. Hu once again expressed his heartfelt thanks to Mr. Justice Patrick Chan for setting up the grants to support impoverished but outstanding students from CUPL. Prof. Hu emphasized that, with the help of Mr. Justice Chan, legal exchange activities between Hong Kong, Macao and the mainland of China had been greatly promoted, exchanges between universities had become closer and exchange visits between universities increasingly frequent. What’s more, Prof. Hu pointed out that, there was a famous saying among the CUPL students and faculty: it is by luck that people are brought together for five years in CUPL and by fate a life-long fond feeling is developed for CUPL. Therefore, he hoped that the five-year teaching experience in CUPL would leave an unforgettable memory for Mr. Justice Patrick Chan and his wife.
        During the ceremony, two student representatives, Li Jiazi from Class 1406 of the School of International Law and Zhang Xin from Class 1501 of the Law School made speeches, in which they mentioned that Mr. Justice Patrick Chan’s rigorous academic attitude demonstrated in the classroom and his graciousness outside the classroom had left a deep impression among all the students.
        Afterwards, Mr. Justice Patrick Chan and Wu Biao, Director of the Domestic Cooperation Office of CUPL signed the donation agreement. Prof. Hu issued the donation certificate to Mr. Justice Patrick Chan. 


Prof. Hu Ming issued the donation certificate to Mr. Justice Patrick Chan

        Mr. Justice Patrick Chan said that he cherished the bond and affection with CUPL, because teaching in CUPL had made his dream come true. He thanked the University respecting the high degree of freedom in courses and said that he was greatly impressed by the earnest attitude of students in CUPL. He emphasized that this temporary separation was definitely not an end and he was looking forward to coming back to CUPL again.