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Pro. Iwazawa Yuuji (いわさわ ゆうじ) from University of Tokyo Visits CUPL

        In the morning of 24 April, CUPL President Huang Jin held a meeting with Professor Iwazawa Yuuji from University of Tokyo, who is also one of the candidates for the election of judge for the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Mr. Ueno Atsushi, Envoy from the Embassy of Japan in China accompanied Professor Iwazawa Yuuji during the visit.


Pro. Iwazawa Yuuji from University of Tokyo visited CUPL

        President Huang first extended a warm welcome to Prof. Iwazawa on behalf of CUPL, and then expressed his support for Prof. Iwazawa’s campaign to be elected as one member of the ICJ. President Huang also expressed his hope that after Prof. Iwazawa’s election, he would help further deepen the cooperation and communications in the field of International law between universities and scholars in China and Japan, as well as contribute his efforts and influence actively in promoting international rule of law and global governance of the international community. President Huang offered best wishes for Prof. Iwazawa’s coming election.   
        Prof. Iwazawa said it was a great pleasure for him to meet President Huang Jin at CUPL, and expressed his gratitude to President Huang for supporting his campaign. He promised to perform his duty actively if he win the election. He said that he would utilize his specialty in the filed of international law, promote the rule of law in the global community and facilitate mutual trust; he would also remain faithful to his original aspiration, cherish the friendship with colleagues from China, and keep close contact with Chinese colleagues in the field of international law.
        Delegates attending the meeting also had a full exchange of views on various topics, such as the School of International Law of CUPL, academic communication and cooperation in the field of international law, and etc.
        Other delegates from Japan attending the meeting included: Director Assistant Mr. Kashiwaguchi from the International Legal Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and Secondary Secretary Mr. Fujii from the Embassy of Japan in China.
        Other delegates from CUPL attending the meeting included: Xu Lan, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Li Juqian, Vice Dean of the School of International Law, Ma Chengyuan, Director of the Collaborative Innovation Center for Territorial Sovereignty and Marine Rights, and Zhu Lijiang, Deputy Director of the Research Center for International Public Law at the School of International Law.