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Flying Pheonix, Cultural Ties the 9th “Flying Phoenix” International Art and Culture Festival Held Successfully in CUPL

In the evening of March 29, the Flying Phoenix Irkutsk Youth Art Troupe, the bridge of culture, from around Lake Baikal, Russia, once again visited China University of Political Science and Law, and together with the teachers and students of CUPL, presented an remarkable cultural feast in the auditorium.

CUPL Council Vice-Chair & Vice-President Chang Baoguo delivered a welcome speech. He said that the tour of the "Flying Phoenix" not only promoted the friendly communication between Chinese and Russian youths, but also embodied the exchanges and the integration of the Chinese and Russian cultures. Culture has become the bond of spiritual integration and communication between peoples from both countries. He expressed his warm welcome and sincere gratitude to the guests who had come a long way from Russia, and he hoped to share this wonderful night with all the audience and to enjoy the beauty of culture and arts.

(Lively Russian melodies and dancing)

The festival opened with the delightful programs of Cat's Cakewalk and Kolibre by Russian piano players, and the Russian folk songs and dances Icy Winter and The Song of Captain, which was characterized by strong rhythm and exotic charm. The audience indulged themselves in the exotic performances, the tuneful voice and lively atmosphere, and some youngsters even swayed to the rhythm. Fronskaya Alina singed a solo, the Russian version of Let it Go (the theme song of Frozen), ending with rapturous applause from the audience.

To present the charm of Chinese culture to the Russian guests, CUPL Art Troupe also staged impressive programs. For instance, a group-dancing named Ode to Water in Jiangnan, which showed the featured Chinese beauty of water artistically. Water is appreciated as it merged into the scenery of age-old towns with tranquility or vitality. The performance represented the tranquil and refreshing scenery as if an traditional Chinese painting unfolds. The Cantata Great Desert Nights showed a completely different image, the wind blew while the sand covers everything. The contrast between the scenery of magnificent vast in Northern China and the scenery of beauty of water in Southern China presented a vivid and remarkable contrast.

(Group-dancing named Ode to Water in Jiangnan)

Two emcees made several interactive activities with the audiences, marking the highlight of the gala. In one of the activities, our host from China taught a couple of Chinese greetings to the actors & actresses from Russia, while the hostess from Russia taught our Chinese students some Russian expressions. All the audiences joined it with joy and pleasure in a lively atmosphere.

The gala concluded successfully with a well-known song The Evening of the Moscow Outskirts. The head of Irkutsk Youth Art Troupe, together with all the actors & actresses gave thanks to CUPL audience. She expressed a sincerely gratitude for the warm accommodation provided by CUPL to the Irkutsk Youth Art Troupe, and invited friends from China to visit Russia in the future. Prof. Chang Baoguo delivered his gratitude to all the actors, actresses and stage staff, and exchanged souvenirs with the Art Troupe after that.

Fine time always flies without our notice. We wish to meet the Flying Phoenix next year again at the foot of the Jundu Mountain in the same season when magnolia trees are blooming, to enjoy the magnificent feast of culture and art, and the charisma of communication & friendship.