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Teachers from the CI at Barbados Delivered a Cultural Lecture at a University in Barbados

At 9 a.m., November 17 (local time), at the invitation of Dr. Sonia Greenidge-Franklyn from Faculty of Social Sciences of University of West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Dr. Li Yanhua and other four teachers from the Confucius Institute at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados (CI at Barbados) delivered a lecture at the “Diverse Cultures in the World” Series. They talked about the characteristics of the Chinese culture and differences between Chinese and Western cultures. More than 100 teachers and students attended the lecture.  

 The lectures touched upon various dimensions of the Chinese culture, such as cuisines, customs, costumes and cross-cultural communications. It not only helped students and faculty from the Caribbean area deepen their understanding of the Chinese culture, but also enabled the Chinese teachers of the CI to have a first-hand experience of the local culture. It is intercultural communications that enables mutual learning and respect for different cultures.