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Exeter University’s 2011 Summer School Program


                                             Visiting the People’s Court in Langfang Development Zone


                                              Visiting the Sijiqing Municipal Government, Haidian District


                                                        Taking part in Tuanjiehu community activities 


                                          Participating in Beijing Science and Education Festival activities 

On July 21, 2011, Exeter University’s third annual three-week CUPL summer school program came to
a successful conclusion.  During their CUPL residency, 27 British teachers and students studied law, Chinese culture,
and other subjects. They visited local governments and courts, law firms devoted to public interest issues,
Beijing area communities, and religious sites. They also took part in the Science and Education Festival activities
organized by the Beijing Municipal government. The activities helped give the participants
a better understanding of China.  CUPL organized CUPL faculty lectures for the British students,
and also paired-up Chinese and British student partners to promote cultural understanding and friendship.


  Master Xue Cheng and colleagues pose for picture with summer    school program participants outside
        the Beijing Longquan Temple



                                                  A British student learns the art of the tea ceremony