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Forum Series for CUPL’s 60th Anniversary No. 1



On February 28, 2012, the Reporting Meeting on China Prized Soft Science Achievements, which also
inaugurated the academic forum series for CUPL’s anniversary, was held at the Xueyuan Lu Campus.
The topic of the forum was "Development of Legality and Public Participation." The 2011 China Soft Science
Award winners were announced:  Peking University Law School Vice-Dean Professor Wang Xixin and the
CEO of Shenzhen Junliang Asset Management Co., Ltd.  Mr. Wu Junliang delivered speeches titled
“Micro Democracy in the Governance of GreatNations" and "Why Should We Promote the Publicity of
Budgets?" CUPL Vice President Zhang Baosheng attended the meeting and delivered a speech on behalf of
the university.  CUPL Graduate School Standing Vice President Li Shuguang presided over the forum.