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CUPL Juridical Studies Scholar Wang Zhenhui Wins First-Prize for his Doctoral Dissertation in Taiwan

CUPL's Wang Zhenhui was awarded Taiwan's top dissertation prize on humanity and social research for his
doctoral dissertation titled  "A Study on Alternative Measures for Custody." CUPL Professor Song Yinghui was
Wang Zhenhui’s advisor during his 2005-2011 LLM and JSD studies.

Taiwan experts acclaimed Wang's paper, including one peer review board member who said, “I am impressed by
Wang's dissertation. From one decade of teaching experience, I can say it ranks among the top 12 doctoral
dissertations I've reviewed.” The board member was surprised  that the dissertation came from Mainland China,
and commented how research quality has achieved such a high level. “This paper contains important themes,
and I strongly recommend others to read it.”

National Chengchi University (NCCU) President Wu Signing sent a letter to CUPL President Huang Jin,
commenting on Wang's outstanding achievement, and also noting how CUPL is producing excellent students
with high achievements. Professor Wang's award not only demonstrates his scholarly abilities, but also helps
promote academic exchanges across the Strait, further promoting CUPL's academic reputation.